Meet the band

WELCOME - Austin Shumway!

Simple Ruckus is happy to announce the addition of a new drummer, Austin Shumway!  Our newest member is not missing a beat--keeping tempo with the fun and entertaining energy of the band our fans expect.  We are thrilled to have him and extend him a warm Simple Ruckus welcome!

Lisa Bittick

Lisa Bittick adds a special something extra, whether it's piano or synthesizer or fiddle or mandolin or harmonica--whatever touch a song needs to take it up just one more notch. 

Ted McClurg

Ted McClurg puts the "fun" in funky with his groovy bass lines and upbeat showmanship--all the toes start tapping and the booties start shaking when he plays.  

Jared South

Jared South, front man and lead singer, brings a million megawatt smile and crowd-pleasing interaction to his power vocals--everyone loves to sing along. 

Brett Wykert

Brett Wykert, lead guitar player, ties everything together and skillfully lays down the backbone of your favorite songs--playing all of the signature licks and solos that you will recognize and love.